With warmer weather approaching, many of us are ready to brave the elements and take care of all the maintenance and repair tasks we put off for our vehicles as we hunkered down for the winter in Taylor, PA. Is there anything worse than dealing with car issues out in frigid temperatures? With spring on the horizon, it's a great time to start thinking about catching up on all your seasonal maintenance items and getting your vehicle ready for warmer weather.

Seasonal Services at Gaughan Auto Store Near Moosic

Start the new season with a fresh start by scheduling your seasonal maintenance items. Our full-service shop near Dickson City can handle anything from cleanup to repairs.

  • Detailing: Start fresh with interior detailing and clean winter brine off your exterior finish.
  • Oil Change: Winter weather can be harsh on your engine oil. Start the season with a fresh batch of oil or top off low engine oil levels for optimum performance.
  • HVAC Services: Don't wait until it's hot outside to repair your air conditioner. Get ahead of the heat with a quick appointment to take care of your vehicle heating and cooling.
  • Seasonal Tire Maintenance: Are your sporting winter tires? Swap out your tires before warm weather sets in and preserve the life of your winter tires so you can get more use out of them next season. Winter tires are specially formulated with softer rubber that is great for traction in snow but wears out faster in warm weather.
  • Diagnostics: Did you check engine light come on over the winter? Take care of your warning lights and address all the issues you put off while it was cold.
  • Save on Maintenance and Repair Services Near Scranton

    Save on all your maintenance and repairs by checking out our current service specials! Our Service Center team at Gaughan Auto Store near Pittston has all the services you need to get your vehicle warm weather ready.

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