The kids may be back to school but that doesn't mean summer's entirely over for the greater Scranton, PA area. In fact, warmer weather may be sticking around a bit longer, and though you might not know it, that can put excess strain on your vehicle. Luckily, we have plenty of late summer service specials for our guests to take advantage of here at Gaughan Auto Store.

What can you do to protect your car from the summer heat?

  • You can have your tires rotated, make sure they're balanced, and get them properly inflated. Driving in extremely high temperatures can have an adverse effect on your car's tires, resulting in cracked rubber and bald spots. Luckily, a quick visit to our Taylor service center is all you'll need to make sure your car's tires are fit to carry you through to fall and beyond.
  • You can get your car's battery tested. Much like your tires, operating your car in higher temperature can have an adverse effect on the battery, reducing its overall charge capacity. So, with summer coming to a close soon, it's a good idea to have the battery tested and replaced if necessary. Fortunately for you, we have no shortage of attractive OEM parts specials to take advantage of here at Gaughan Auto Store, so you can find the battery that's best for your vehicle at a competitive price.
  • You should probably have your car's brakes checked. Chances are you spent a lot of time on the road this past few months and that can lead to excess wear and tear on your vehicle's brakes. But whether you need new brake pads or fresh brake rotors, you'll always find competitive prices on certified service and maintenance when you come to us here at Gaughan Auto Store.

So, if you're looking to take advantage of our auto service expertise here at Gaughan Auto Store, feel free to schedule an appointment online today.

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