Buying a new car is a significant investment for most people in the Scranton area. This is why you need to treat the car with the proper care it deserves. Neglecting your vehicle will necessitate expensive repairs down the line. These are the three things you must do to prolong your car's life.

Schedule Regular Service Appointments

A car is an intricate machine that uses a lot of different components to run correctly. Getting your vehicle regularly serviced by a professional at our service center is the best way to ensure all of these components work as intended. The air filter, oil, and fluids must be changed several times a year to keep the engine clean and lubricated.

You can also visit our dealership near Dickson City for services like tire rotations, brake inspections, and more. We can also help with repair services.

Protect Car from the Elements

The outdoor elements can wreak havoc on your car if you are not careful. Dirt, salt, and other unwanted substances can easily get on your car when driving around Moosic. These substances will eat up the exterior paint and create rust if you do not wash your vehicle on a regular basis. It is also recommended to keep your vehicle out of direct sunlight as much as possible to protect your car's paint and interior.

Adjust Driving Habits

Your everyday driving habits have a significant impact on the life of your vehicle. Driving at high speeds, quick accelerations, and hard braking puts your car under great stress. This causes the vehicle to wear out quicker than usual while drastically reducing fuel economy. Practice safe driving habits when out on the roads around Pittston to ensure your car is not put under any undue stress.

Contact us here at Gaughan Auto Store in Taylor to schedule your next routine maintenance appointment to help extend the life of your car.

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