At Gaughan Auto Store in Taylor, we love giving tips to our Scranton area community about winter car maintenance. If you are concerned about your vehicle this winter or want to get everything checked out to ensure you are safe driving during the winter months, bring your vehicle to our service center to ensure it is ready for the cold weather.

Get Your Tires Checked

If you've had the tires on your vehicle for a while, it is essential to check them to ensure there is still excellent traction for driving in winter road conditions. You can also replace them or invest in winter tires for the season. All of these scenarios are great to do no matter how many months of cold you've had because you will have added peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is safe.

Have Your Battery Tested

If you have a hard time starting your vehicle in the cold or after it has been sitting for a while, then you should come in and have us check to see if you need a new battery. This could be a simple solution, like cleaning the connections as well.

Get Your Brakes Checked

If your brakes seem like they are squeaking or grinding, it is important to bring your vehicle in right away to see if they need repair or replacement. Having your brakes checked before winter driving around Moosic is important so you know they are ready for quick stops.

Winter Wipers

Installing winter wipers is always a great idea, so you can easily combat ice, snow, and the colder weather around Pittston. It is also essential to make sure your windshield washer fluid is full.

Keep Your Gas Tank Fuller

We suggest keeping your gas tank half full or more so you always have plenty of gas if you have to pull off the road. Also, having a fuller tank can ensure that your vehicle isn't low on gas in freezing temperatures, making it harder to start your car.

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