Aside from making a brand selection, deciding whether you buy a new or used car will be one of the most influential decisions you will make as a consumer. Each option has its own advantages, but in many ways the benefits of buying a used car are more extensive than those of a new vehicle purchase.

Financial Benefit

One of the main reasons buyers make the decision to buy a used car is strictly based on cost and affordability. Used cars are inherently cheaper and are accompanied by lower associated costs, like sales tax, insurance, and upgrades. Yet, this is not the only advantage you can achieve through a used car purchase.

Selection and Customization

While buyers only have a few select models and package options to choose from in a new model, used models that span over several years provide shoppers with a multitude of personalization opportunities. Even models that have been discontinued or re-designed can be attained through a used car purchase. Buyers are also more likely to find color options and upgrades that are otherwise hard to come by used models, because prior owners may have already paid for and applied these features that offer benefit to new buyers.

Cost-Saving Upgrades

If you want those fancy roof rails or that amazing sunroof, it will likely cost you substantially more on a new vehicle as opposed to opting for these upgrades on a used version. Upgrades and installation typically cost less for used purchases at the same dealership. So, this allows buyers to get what they truly want in a vehicle instead of simply going with what they can afford.

Depreciation Avoidance

Let us be honest, you cannot avoid all depreciation in a vehicle because a car is a depreciating asset in essence. What you can avoid, however, is the initial deprecation a brand-new car experiences. This makes a used car purchase a better option right from the start and lets you save more of your hard-earned money in the long run.

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